3rd Party Services

3rd Party Hub and Logistics

Tatung Company of America, Inc. provides comprehensive, efficient customized solutions for all aspects of the supply chain management process and we focus on understanding the customer within the supply chain to deliver a completely reliable and highly responsive turnkey solution.

Our industry success is a result of the integration of operational expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and advanced management processes. By leveraging our resources in an integrated fashion, Tatung Company of America, Inc. is able to provide customized solutions to complex logistics environments. Our impact to the bottom line can be measured in reduced inventory commitment, cost effective warehousing and distribution, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

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3rd Party Warranty and Repair Services

Tatung Company of America, Inc. Product Warranty and Repair services can increase your competitive advantage with faster time to market, improved product quality and increased profitability. We have a dedicated team of experts focused on ensuring that customer experience with warranty repair reflects well on both your product and on your company. Utilizing our services can help you effectively support existing customers while continuing to launch new products.

Our service team works with your existing technical and customer support functions to ensure the customer receives fast, effective assistance. Once you authorize a customer return, we handle all the logistics. The customer ships the defective product directly to us, where it is repaired and returned directly to the customer.

We ensure fast effective repair and return to your customer. Each product is specifically identified and tracked through the repair cycle using our software driven, ISO certified process. At each step along the way, a sophisticated data collection system captures the associated results, findings and activities as well as cycle time.

Tatung Company of America, Inc. can also provide out of warranty and ongoing product support. Even after the warranty period has expired we can take the product back and repair, refurbish and bring it up to current engineering change level.

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